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Leverage Your Mobile Device for Digital Dictation

Scribe's mobile dictation solution, Scribe Mobile, delivers the convenience of hand-held dictation with the near real-time file transfer of telephone dictation. Use Scribe Mobile on an iPhone, iPad or iTouch to access your visit schedule and select the appropriate patient associated with each dictation. Dictations are securely transferred over your wireless network immediately upon completion.

This cost-effective dictation solution enables you to use your mobile device in conjunction with your Scribe account to dictate at your convenience. Confirm or enter demographics, view/review uploaded dictations, and select templates and turn-around time quickly and easily.

Scribe Mobile Scribe Mobile offers convenient, real-time features:
  • Optimized for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • View your schedule and “To Do” list
  • Select template, turn-around time, etc
  • Upload as you dictate or in batches
  • Upload securely via your 3G/4G or WiFi from any location
  • Dictate offline

Scribe Mobile is also available in a "Lite" version that can be used as a stand-alone product - Scribe Mobile Lite

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“This app is fantastic for the right user. One of my practices insisted on using Scribe Mobile because they thought it was so cool.”

Bryan Rose, President Rose-Text, Inc.

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